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Commodity Virtual Games
The two most important things we need in order to make money from trading and investment, are knowledge and experience. Participating in a trading course and practice trading in a virtual commodity game can significantly speed up your learning process.

The best way to practice trading is through a virtual, commodity market simulator where we make trades as if they were real, the difference is that any losses are not real. You will quickly find out if you can make money or not and you will get the knowledge and experience you need to ensure that you make money instead of losing money when you begin trading for real.

Playing our virtual Commodity Market simulation game is a fun, easy and interesting way for market beginners to start learning how to trade. Our online virtual trading game can add the bit of excitement into your practice trading and to experience the real commodity market with virtual money on zero risk. Learn in our school and practically develop your knowledge and trading confidence on this platform without fear of losing hard cash money.
Features of the Game
  • Play Multiple Games
  • Different Virtual Money for each Game
  • Place LimitOrder of the day
  • Manage your Profile and Cash Book
  • Win Exciting Prizes
Game Support

For best viewing of GAME use latest version of Firefox and Google Chrome browsers
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