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Why do I play this game?

Playing a virtual Commodity Market simulation game is a fun, easy and interesting way for market beginners to start learning how to trade. An online commodity trading game can add the bit of excitement into practice trading that a standard paper trading account lacks so it is an extremely useful way of learning.

What is the purpose of this game?

The whole purpose of practice trading is to try to replicate what it is really like to actually trade and place live trades but paper trading can be extremely boring and uninteresting. Trading on a virtual stock exchange through an online commodity trading game where traders are pitting their wits against the markets and against other traders, is a very good means of bringing practice trading one step closer to the real thing.

How to play game?

First, you will register as a user. Registration is free. After the confirmation of your registration, use your login detail i.e. your email id and password and go to the game page and click Play Game button.

Note: Read "
How to Trade" to understand the game trading rules.

Can I play any of the available game?

As a registered user you can play any available games that show in left hand side Current Games list, but some games are privately sponsored so to play that game you are required to contact the sponsors of that game.

What is the objective?

The objective of the players is to make the highest profits in their virtual account. Player's ranks are measured against other players at the end of the day for each game. 
At the end of that game, the winners are those who have the highest returns relative to the other players. The top ranking players can win exiting prices as shown in the game.

Is your game related to any Indian Commodity Exchange?

Currently, our game is not related to any Indian Commodity Exchange and we do not use any Indian exchanges live feed in our Games.

On what basis do the commodity prices in the game change?

Our game system is own generated price fluctuation system. For energy and metal commodities we use the base of international prices and calculate them in Indian Prices and for agro commodities we use the base of spot market prices in which we add premium and discount for running prices on game.

Note: As our system is based on calculation, so we can’t say that the prices running in the game is an actual and correct conversion from International Market or Spot Market.
As our game is virtual so prices of the game is also virtual. It is just a game for learning the trading process.

Which type of trading features include in your game?

In our game we include mix features of future and spot trading.

From future trading we take following features:

  • Contract

  • Expiry

  • By default Quantity like Lot size

  • Daily basis MTM 


From spot trading we take following features:

  • You are filling any desired quantity to buy or sell commodities.

  • You will pay full payment of your trading value.

  • This is because we want that you learn both future and spot trading.

What is Expiry in game?

In future trading expiry is the last day on which the contract will be traded, at the end of which it will cease to exist.
We use the expiry in the game to easily calculate the loss/profit of players so at the end of the game our system easily calculates the player’s return and decide their rank.

What is margin trading?

Margin Trading is trading with borrowed funds/securities.

Do you give margin money in your game?

No, we don’t give virtual margin money in our game. We only give virtual money in the game and from every buying and selling you need to pay the full value of virtual money.

Why do you not give margin money in the game as it is an important feature of future trading?

We give you Rs 50 lakh and above virtual money in each game for trading so we think that it is a lot of money so you don’t need margin money.

How much virtual money do I get while playing a game?

For each game, the virtual money available will be specified alongside the game.

What is a stop loss?

A stop-loss order is a type of order linked to a trade for the purpose of preventing additional losses if the price goes against you.

How do I put a stop loss in game?

Click link to read ‘How to trade’ page where we define the stop loss placing orders method in game.

What is pending orders in the game?

When you will place the buy or sell order, they will go to in order book if the condition for the execution of commodity (define in "How to Trade" page topic no. 8) not met. These orders are called pending orders.

When do pending trades get executed? Is there any delay in execution of orders?

Pending orders get executed when ‘LT’ price stays minimum 5sec on your order limit price according to the execution condition for buy and sell orders. For example: If your sell order limit price of Commodity “A” is Rs 400 and in game “A” make a high of Rs 401 but this price only fluctuates not stay at Rs 401 till 5sec then your order will not execute.

Why do my pending order price not displayed in the bid and ask?

Our game is a virtual game and in this game we do not maintain order books for matching order because in the game you do not trade with other players where he only buy commodity when there sellers available. Our game system only fluctuates prices and your trade execute when ‘LT’ reaches on the execution condition. In game your all trades are virtual. There are not an actual buyer and seller trade in the game.

How much time my pending orders valid in game?

Your pending orders valid only for the day, at the end of the day it is automatically cancelled. On the next day you are required to again place your orders.

Why my buying/selling order is not getting placed?

Your order will place only when Your trades and pending order value =< Current Outstanding.
i.e. If your Current Outstanding = Rs 35,05,000 then you can only place Rs 35,05,000 pending orders. So if you see that your current outstanding show a balance but new orders not placed then cancel a previous pending order before place any new order. (Read ‘How to Trade’ page's topic no. 10)
So, make sure that above conditions is checked while placing your order. If you are still facing any problem, please
contact us.

My order execution condition met but still order book, trade book and current outstanding not updated, Why?

If your order book and trade book not update properly then use refresh button   right corner of both books and still problem persists then refresh whole page and still facing problem then contact us.

How can I view my position among others in the game I am playing?

Your position is calculated as Rank in the game you play. Your rank may differ for each game you play based on your performance.

When my rank and profit is latest updated the Ranks page?

The Rank and profit details get updated at the end of the day, i.e. after 12 am. So you can check your positions next day.

How to winner declares at the end of the game?

Top Ranking players will be the winners after the end of each game. The list of top 3 players will be flash on the game home page on ‘Previous Game Winners’ section.

Can top winners of the game win prizes and rewards?

Yes, if Games are a prize associated then the winner of the games can win prizes and rewards.

What are the terms for winning players?

Game winners Terms and Conditions are below:

  1. All players should ensure that their current contact and mailing address is updated on our site since the same will be used to dispatch the prizes.

  2. Please allow 4–6 weeks for delivery of the prizes.

  3. The images of the prizes are for representational purposes only and the final prize may not look like the images shown above.

  4. will not be liable for the quality of the product.

  5. will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to the gift in transportation.

  6.  The prizes are nontransferable and cannot be encashed or combined with any other offer from

  7. The winner must have a legitimate local address within the country or he/she will be deemed ineligible to claim any prize.

  8. reserves the right to change the prize at any point of the time at its sole discretion.

  9. Prizes will only be delivered to select cities (reachable by mainline national couriers) within India.

 Terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time.

Can I update my personal information or change my Password?

Yes. From ‘My Account’section on the left side of page, you will get options to update your profile, password etc.

Can I change my email id of my Manitech account?

The email id with which you register at Manitech is a unique id with which you access your account. You cannot change your mail id directly. In case you want to change it due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact us

Will any expenses be charged for buying/selling in game?

Yes, you will be charged an expense fee per commodity transaction of any value and size. The expense fee applicable is 0.05% per commodity value.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions that I can do every day?

No. You can do as many transactions as you want.

Note: there are expenses applies for each transaction.

Do I have to pay brokerage in real money?

No. All transactions in the game including expenses etc is pay with virtual money. At no point you need to pay any real money.

Can commodities hit the circuit in game?

No, in our game there are no circuit limit for both Metal and Agro based commodities.

Can I trade in commodities that hit the circuit?

The Challenge simulates the scenario in the real world. Hence, you will not be able to buy commodities if the commodities has hit upper circuit and similarly sell commodities on the lower circuit.

What is the market timing of games market?

For Metal and Energy based commodities game is open 9:00am to 11.40pm from Monday to Friday.
For Agro based commodities game is open 9:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.

Can user account will be blocked in the game?

The user account will be blocked if he or she is found using abusive language on the user message section and will also lose all the privileges in the game.

As a free user Can i always play free game on

Currently anyone free or paid users can play game but in future we can restrict the free users. All the decisions will be for restrict anyone to play games.