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About us
कोटा की शिक्षा के शेत्र मैं नये अध्याय की शुरुआत "निवेश की शिक्षा"

Kota - situated on the banks of river Chambal (a tributary to river Yamuna) is a city in Rajasthan which was considered to be the industrial capital of Rajasthan till the 1990s. The establishment of coaching institutes after 1990 however changed that identity into one synonymous with brilliance in specialized coaching education.

The city rapidly emerged as India’s most well-known educational city in India. There are several academic institutes that offer guidance and training for pre-medical, pre-IIT, and pre-engineering. For pre-IIT, some of the famous training institutes include Bansal Classes, Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd., Career Point and Vibrant Academy. For pre-medical entrance studies, Allen Career Institute has garnered a lot of fame.

There are many reputed schools in the city and at present Kota has 01 Technical University, 01 General University, 01 Open University, 10 Undergraduate Colleges, 10 Management Colleges, 01 Medical College, 01 Dental College, 07 Engineering Colleges, 20 B.Ed. Colleges, 40 CBSE Schools (10+2 Level) and 60 RBSE Schools (10+2 Level).

Now we introduce education of Investment and Trading. Ok, now the question is why do we invest? Answer is simple save money for your future and our money grows at a good rate when compared to the inflation rate and it is increasingly a necessity of modern life. By investing your money wisely you can make a profit that you can then re-invest or put aside as a nest-egg. A good return on an investment can maximize earning potential. An investment shouldn't be a gamble. it is always possible to lose money on whatever investment you make. The investor should research the market and their rules where they are investing thoroughly before they ever decide to commit their hard cash money.

There are various types of Investment products available in the markets like Property, Stock Market, Commodities (eg: Gold, Silver, Agro products), Currency , Bonds, Fixed deposits, ETF, Mutual Fund etc.


In our school we teach you about three markets

  1. Stock Market
  2. Commodity Market
  3. Currency Market

Question is Why only these three markets? We choose only these three markets because all these markets are related to our daily life. In Indian culture our grand father and there father and so on invested in Gold and Silver from many years, and in present time every one will want to purchase these metal for marriages or investment purpose.

We daily use wheat, Refind oil, spices (eg:jeera, pepper, dhaniya, chilly etc), sugar and many more in our food. If you are exporter or importer currencies is first priority of your business or if you go to world tour like go to USA then it is necessary for you to convert your Indian Rupees with their American Dollar. In news papers or tv channels you read or watch that sensex up today, maruti stocks make new high, tata motors shares sliped etc. So we choose these three markets and after build up your knowledge in these markets then you can easily understand other investment products.

Our trading school is online , you can open it on your computer or ipad. In our school minimum age for students are 14 years, there are not maximum age, because there are no age for learning. For your practice we provide you a trading platform "Commodity Virtual Game", where you can trade and build up your learning knowledge. Because this is a virtual game so don't worry to lose of money because money is also virtual, just learn in school and play a game. If you will earn money in the game then you are prepare to invest your hard cash money in real markets. So why are you wait just register and your admission is confirm and free for two schools, if you like learning in school then you can pay fees for all classes.