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As you think we are not providing stocks virtual trading game. There are website exists that already provided stocks trading game.

We bring here Commodity Virtual Trading Game. Our main purpose of this game is to experience the real commodity market with virtual money on zero risk. Learn in our school and practically develop your knowledge and trading confidence on this platform without fear of losing hard cash money.


We think that it is essential for everyone to learn about Equity and Commodity markets because both markets are play a big role in your future development.

If you are beginner or you are a trader but tired to lose your hard cash money in the markets, then no worry. You are invited to our trading school. There are no restrictions of age but minimum required age 14 years. The School of Trading is designed to help you acquire the skills, knowledge, and special abilities to become a successful trader in the markets.


In Trading Tools you find some Calculators and Economic Calendar.

Calculators will give you a power to easy and smoothly find the technical levels and compare some commodities international prices with Indian prices.

Economic Calendar provide you a for coming countries economical data's previous, forecast and actual figure that impact on both Equity and Commodity markets.
Need of ManiTech.in
ManiTech.in is a online portal where you learn how to invest in financial markets.

Question is why do we invest? For your answer watch below video. An IDFC foundation made this video that define the need and benefits of investment.

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